A REAL fischverkäuferin :)

7:18 AM Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A reader pointed out a shop with a VERY interesting <a href="http://www.etsy.com/profile.php?user_id=5731432">German woman</a> who loves to talk trash about others to somehow make herself appear more high and mighty to herself I suppose, yet us readers just thinks she's an ass.

Check out some of the great comments left by other readers:

<a href="http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5731432">decentartworks</a>

She manages to insult everyone on Etsy along with her customers.


This profile was updated, it previously called all other photographers on Etsy “Ghetto walmart kids with crapy plastic cameras”

This is the “nice” version.

Here’s a quote from the end of the profile:
“I love to talk to people from other countries …(and I’m also travelling a lot around)
…just another hobby of mine ;-) ”


Her nicecraftworks profile isn’t much better…
Wow, that is pretty rich. Being a photographer myself, I don’t see what is so spectacular about her photography. It looks kind of bland. *shrugs*

Can you report people for having offensive profiles?
Omg, this is from her other profile. How ignorant!

“‘GERMAN’ beads don’t exist. I’d like to stop that stupid nonsense that gets distributed by numerous jewelry and supply sellers from USA who are claiming that their beads are ‘made in Western Germany’.
The fact is that there are no beads factories in Germany. And for sure never have existed here in West Germany where I’m living for all my life (and that is almost a half century).

ALL beads and findings which are available here in German stores are imported from Asia or from somewhere else in the world. Also the jewelry material that gets sold by the German supply companies Guetermann, Rayher, Farbenspiel etc. is imported from Asia. (They just buy it from Asia and re-sell it in Germany for super expensive prices. Not only one single bead of them was ever manufactured here in Germany! And btw …Guetermann now even lets produce its world famous sewing thread in India.) So far about globalization…

Further on: the words ‘made in Germany’ are protected by German law for products which are actually made in Germany and may not abused for any other purposes.

Same for German ‘VINTAGE’ beads:
the word ‘vintage’ doesn’t exist in Germany as well. It’s totally unknown here and all this strange hype about ‘German vintage’ beads is USA-made only (as well as the beads themselves!!!). These sellers use to tag their beads ‘German vintage’ just for making ‘precious’ beads out of them (even out of worthless plastic beads!) and sell them for expensive prices.
Due to this ‘vintage fashion style’ hype in the USA many people are making lots of profit on that with such false products. There actually has arisen a real ‘German Vintage bead’ mass distribution in USA. (You can see that if you search for ‘German Vintage Beads’ on the internet. Just try out by yourself! You’ll find US-sellers only, no German at all… even no Asian sellers, who distribute such false ‘vintage beads’!)”
I don’t see the artistry in her pictures either, and the things she says in the profile prove that she wouldn’t recognise fine art if it bit her in the nose…
Just going to point out one more thing about decentartworks…

Previous to her updated profile she also called out all the photograhers who digitally altered their photos, saying she’s only providing actual prints.

Looks like she changed her mind about what’s crap and what’s art.

<em>“All my listed photos are also available as digitally altered photos (i.e. greyscale, aged, faded, blurry, watercolour, oilpainting, textured, digitally framed etc.) Just let me know what effect you want for which photograph of mine and I will make a customized picture especially for you … at no extra costs :-) ”</em>
Good lord… that woman is unbalanced. WTF is this about???? How he hell does she know the percentage of sellers in Germany who are actually “other nationalities” temporarily living there?!! whatanutcase.

“<em>To your information:
About 50% of all Etsy stores located in Germany are US Army ‘based’ military shops! Other 30% of Etsy stores here in Germany are maintained by sellers of other nationalities who just temporarely live in Germany.
Only 20% are actually German shops.

So you should keep this in mind if you want to buy ‘typical German’ products here on Etsy. But I hope very much that this strange situation will change soon and that many more German sellers will sign up on Etsy in the future
…for representing OUR countries’ artisan products :-)</em> ”
I think that remark is sort of racist, as well. It’s not like she’s making traditional German cuckoo clocks. She’s making beaded jewelry, anyone from anywhere can make what she’s making. You don’t have to be German to know that skill.
traveled and lived in germany for a short time here, and never met anyone like this fischverkäuferin. wjw….i do understand her wanting to let people know about traditional crafts in Germany Post WW2.

when i was there my arts and crafts appreciation was extended towards the fine pilsner brewers exclusively. quite enjoyable craftsmanship in that department.

it wasnt hard to find this link, decentcraftartphotographer lady:

not sure how accurate it is but apparently there may be some beadmaking going on there
I just like how she trashes other photographers as ghetto.. goes on and on about how fine art her work is..and then charges $6.00 for it. What a joke.

And what is this about??

<em>because when I joined Etsy one year ago I was totally shocked about all the many 'trash photographers' from USA who make (without exception) <strong>ugly junk photos of European countries (especially of Germany) and publish them here for sale</strong>. I still do not know the reasons for this very primitive behaviour that continues on and on, because we Europeans do not make such ugly photos of the USA and put them here for sale...
or should we do that also do in the future now? </em>


  1. Bedazzled Condom Says:

    Good luck to you, batshit-crazy German woman.

    That reminds of those Budlight commercials...

    This one's for you, Mrs. Batshit Crazy Germany Photography lady....

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  2. After all that I was expecting something spectacular and amazing but alas, her work is trite and pedantic. It reminds me of travel postcards.

    Good luck to you, batshit-crazy German woman.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  3. You guys crack me up.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  4. Welllll.....this is just crazy! 20 something sales in over a year, pretty much tells you how much people love her ranting!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  5. I wonder if she realises that the word 'Germany' doesn't exist in the German language either - by her logic, this means that Germany doesn't exist...

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  6. i don't get this. it's totally bizarre. She seems scarily nationalistic! I don't know what she means by 'ugly trash photographs of Europe' but I find this odd as her photos just look cliche postcard pictures. really really odd.

    Dont get me started on her ranting and raving about beads! WTF??

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  7. Two words: personality disorder!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  8. LOL

    I think we better replace the Bud with some HRT.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  9. Oh wow...

    That is highly offensive all around.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  10. Have any of y'all seen this shit?


    Was there a bug doing some vertical ass crawling of which I was unaware?

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  11. Gigi Says:
    July 22, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    Have any of y’all seen this shit?

    If I've understood it correctly, this blog was started by the "lady" who was reselling other peoples lampwork beads as her own last year and running an unauthorized bakery - she's now lashing back on everybody she comes across. She started a thread (or two?) on the forums and got a couple of threads closed today/yesterday. http://closedthreads.blogspot.com/

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  12. Gigi, holy crap! Where did you find that??

    Looks like someone has either *way* too much time on their hands, a serious grudge or both. Is it really necessary to be so unbalancedly vindictive instead of just alerting authorities if one feels one must and moving on?

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  13. What a miserable human being. I hope karma gives her what she deserves.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  14. That's Ullja. She's batshit crazy too.

    Google "Ullja" and "fraud" to read all about her special level of insanity.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  15. So...Germany has NEVER had beads made there....ever?

    like even back before importing from other countries started, there were no German beads? Did they just not pretty up their stuff or ?

    Even though beads have been found in like...stone age cavedwellers firepits etc?

    just goes to show though that stupidity has no borders...

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  16. Ironically, Ullja is also from Germany.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  17. I wish there was an archive of treasuries and their comments. This is the same chick who went bat-shit crazy because someone made a "Springtime in Germany" themed treasury that included her. she demanded to be removed from the treasury because she didn't want her photos or "her" country to be associated with "celluloid American crap"

    I imagine that is where the little rant about false made in Germany beads came from.

    If I remember correctly, the treasury maker refused to take the photo out of the treasury and so the crazy lady took down the listing.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  18. if you read the link i put in the last post:

    beads were made in germany and still are possibly but very hard to find. if this article is accurate.


    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  19. Some information about Ullja:



    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  20. Some interesting information on German beads:


    "After WWII, glass workers from Jablonec and from other areas in Bohemia left their home country and settled, and set up their industries across the border in Germany, in the Fichtel Mountains. The group of glass workers from across the border - it is estimated that 200 to 300 Bohemian bead makers settled in villages such as Weidenberg, Bischofsgrün and Warmensteinach - formed what is believed to be the second largest settlement of Bohemian glass workers outside their home country, second only to Neu Gablonz. Gradually they took over the old indigenous glass huts, where they soon were to change working conditions and techniques to better suit their own needs, which required the production of glass canes for the manufacture of press-moulded beads of their own industries."

    Another article regarding bead production in Germany after WWII:


    "The second period is much more complex and more international. The great demand for glass jewelry after World War II during the 1940’s – 1960’s led to an explosion of styles, colors, and forms of glass. The most bountiful producers of glass beads included Japan, West Germany, Italy, and Czechoslovakia."

    And a documentary about bead makers in Germany:


    "From the late 1970s to the mid 1980s Shari Hopper visited glass beadmakers in Central Europe to learn their techniques and document how they made beads. Her inquiring mind took her to Lauschau, then in East Germany; Kaufbeuren, then in West Germany; and Jablonec, then in Czechoslovakia."

    There's a shitload of information about German beads out there.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  21. 'Bedazzled Condom Says:
    July 22, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    That’s Ullja. She’s batshit crazy too.'

    Oh, *her*.

    I say we sic her on Vonlady to see who can out-fake each other. Steel cage deathmatch, anyone?

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  22. She is super fun, some of us have already had visits from the tax folks. Nothing like a little Comptroller in the morning. Simply showed them Ullja's ranting, threats, the email about how she has a list of 131 Artfire sellers she was going to take down' and the 'blog' to "enlighten your knowledge" where we three are being investigated. There is so much practical misinformation in regard to everything, my fav being how lampworkers will blow up your neighborhood.

    Turns out feds and State really don't like malicious filings so she's already in the DB as filing abusive complaints, given her background, that was one major nose she set out to spite her face with. CID is investigating, AF has closed her shop and she's being hit with a slander charge as hey, guess what, 'we three' actually DO have all the things we are supposed to, just for starters.

    I'm still wondering what she has against goats...

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  23. Wow! Nice to see that she won't be slipping past logical consequences this time. Please let us know what develops.

    "Steel cage deathmatch, anyone?"

    Hmmm, this is a toughie. I wouldn't know who to bet on. Vonlady doesn't have full use of her hands but I have a feeling she can outkick Ullja.

    I also wonder how much SCREAMING would be involved?

    I'm think I'm going to have to go with Ullja.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  24. Part of the problem is that the borders of 'Germany' has fluctuated wildly.
    My husbands German grandmother and her 2 sisters were all born in different countries....but were all born in the same house! :-0

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  25. Call me crazy, but I'm still waiting to her from Etsy why anyone who was banned can come and open two shops. Because, you know, they care so mcuh.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  26. Oh, and according to her she's graduated from Baylor, taught Pre Med students, become a Forensic Scientist, a master baker, lived in Europe for 'almost a decade' while operating a bakery in TX , and sold coffee from a trailer. ALL done by age 36. Oh, wait, she's also a master Lamp work Artist who has been studying in Italy. So wow, taking pics for thirty years too?

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  27. Maybe she taught the pre-med students how to recognize the signs of serious mental illness.

    And wasn't her mother involved too? I seem to remember such. Or was Ullja using her name or something?

    (I followed that fat thread on the bead board at the time of her last meltdown but so many batshit crazy sellers have entered the pool since then and I have a hard time remembering the finer batshit crazy details. I do remember it was a juicy and entertaining read.)

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  28. P.S. You're crazy!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  29. Interrupting batshit crazy lady thread to bring you this special announcement:

    Reseller purse lady GTZ Designs finally has an empty shop! :D

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  30. PAR-TAY at my place celebrating GTZ's disappearance!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  31. Wait, call me slow (and crazy) but she's saying on her shops she in Europe? Nu uh, she leaves in TX. Her whole blog is about her new bakery IN TX.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  32. Yay! It's about freaking time!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  33. "Wait, call me slow (and crazy) but she’s saying on her shops she in Europe? Nu uh, she leaves in TX. Her whole blog is about her new bakery IN TX."

    Hi Goat, I think you are confusing Ullja with the person the original post is about - as far as I can tell, they are not the same person :) Almost as crazy maybe, but at least the German lady isn't trying to use the IRS(?) to harrass people.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  34. Why do you think she isn't?

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  35. Oh, I see what you are saying. Damn I got allll excited.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  36. I'm reading her blog, her 'fraud' blog and the shops policies and if these are written by the same woman, then that's even scarier. Same emphasis, same tone, same USE of all caps.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  37. Your day hasn't been exciting enough..? ;D

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  38. I'm avoiding laundry,lol. Oh well. I guess even malice has a doppelganger.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  39. I don't find it too surprising that most of the people featured in this blog share some common traits. But my gut tells me these two nutters aren't the same person :)

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  40. I'm afraid to read on then,lol. Soon I'll be swatting at imaginary Ullja's.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  41. I came across this store today:


    She is selling all kinds of tacky non-handmade, non-vintage items. Such as this Sanrio change purse:


    And these barely used Adidas shoes:


    Or how about this China made marijuana ashtray?


    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  42. Hey, maybe dumbass german photog is Ullja the fraud's mother, Melek ? whaddya think?

    Anyone know anyone that's purchased from this seller that you could ask what the seller's name is?

    inquiring minds wanna know....................

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  43. Off topic but . . .

    VONLADY's SHOP IS EMPTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  44. SLady - Oh my god! I honestly cant believe it!! i hope it stays empty.

    More handbags - they may be 100% italian but they are NOT 100% handmade. You can buy these bags everywhere.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  45. That last shop was opened by the real designer/maker of the handbags. (I'm sure she's not doing all her own sewing though.)


    Wacky & Tacky Etsy


    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  47. Bedazzaled - yeah ive seen that website. She may be the designer or owner of the brand but you can buy those bags on every high street - not handmade. in any way shape or form.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  48. "That last shop was opened by the real designer/maker of the handbags. (I’m sure she’s not doing all her own sewing though.)


    For some reason the main page is titled "Burberry Handbags". It's also quite convenient that her initials are "LV" :D

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  49. holy crap, what an arse!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  50. am thinking these characters (decentartladyfromeuropeorwhatever, ullja, and VONLADY) would make a great reality show cast. someone should get on that

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  51. I'm telling you, oh joy!, steel cage deathmatch! Let them harpy-screech each other into oblivion -- and while they're at it, they can take a certain 'pusspuss' I noticed watching Ullja's blog along with them for the bitterfest.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  52. ooh yeah now you are talkin JK. we could probably throw in a few other antagonists, put them in a crappy prefab house with faux sponge stencil, country duck appliques, dial up internet and endless wine in a box. handcrafted steel cage out back.
    good times!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

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