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7:12 PM Saturday, July 18, 2009

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I came across this summary of some shops on the Chinese auction site taobao:
<a href=";ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhjIO-U-wnx8WcrtSzKVULm_apflEw">;ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhjIO-U-wnx8WcrtSzKVULm_apflEw</a>

since two of them are well-known resellers on Etsy (idea2lifestyle and yystyle) I thought I'd take a look at the style they are "copying" the aka style.

The taobao shop is artka aka

Artka label <a href=""></a>

when I went there, I immediately recognized some clothing from a shop lifeisonlyillusion that was recently brought to my attention.

<a href=";prev=_t&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;history_state0=">;prev=_t&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;history_state0=</a>

This sates that 91 of this blouse have been sold in the last 30 days!!
It's the avatar of reseller, no less!
<a href=""></a>

<a href=""></a> $71 on taobao $95 on etsy
<a href=";ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhjmVVw2ej-6H-3LOSJ8IXR8jYLoXA">;ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhjmVVw2ej-6H-3LOSJ8IXR8jYLoXA</a>
131 sold last 30 days

<a href=";listing_id=26464877">;listing_id=26464877</a>
<a href=";ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhgdWkqeaELLi5bgw0OYHL7m4-LeEA">;ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhgdWkqeaELLi5bgw0OYHL7m4-LeEA</a>
49 sold last 30 days

<a href=";listing_id=26282254">;listing_id=26282254</a>
<a href=";ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhjaEcF_xtS2yrF2qPc4X1JTm6sdrg">;ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhjaEcF_xtS2yrF2qPc4X1JTm6sdrg</a>
53 sold last 30 days

<a href=";listing_id=25482678">;listing_id=25482678</a>
<a href=";ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhj06ShcQcUeYPvmwC_7uD_NSWhr8A">;ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhj06ShcQcUeYPvmwC_7uD_NSWhr8A</a>
39 sold last 30 days

<a href=""></a> $49 on taobao $76 on etsy
<a href=";ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhh49jax9_0OY46vM2Ri7Vr02-pdKw">;ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhh49jax9_0OY46vM2Ri7Vr02-pdKw</a>
59 sold last 30 days

<a href=""></a>
<a href=";ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhiJBgHKf5BUpdmNbnPuolbQrv1sSw">;ie=UTF-8&amp;sl=zh-CN&amp;tl=en&amp;u=;prev=_t&amp;;usg=ALkJrhiJBgHKf5BUpdmNbnPuolbQrv1sSw</a>
63 sold last 30 days

This is just one of the blatant resellers from China on Etsy. They change their profiles continuously, changing what they say about their business. It almost appears that Etsy is feeding them the terminology and profile that would keep them in line with the TOU.

Please address these blatant cases. The sellers and buyers on ETsy all know about them, and are disgusted.

SIncerely, Astrid aka RunzwithScissors


  1. If I sold clothes, this would really piss me off. I would probably go ahead and call them out. The no location and "ships from China" are dead giveaways.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  2. just looking at artka and using a currency converter, many of the elaborate garments are being sold for 15-25 US dollars.Its possible that these (shop owners in this callout)could be savvy seamstresses and tailors who are trying to provide new income streams. -or- for those resellers that dont customize, they are just reselling, pure and simple.

    having traveled and shopped in asia, the sheer inexpensiveness of textiles and trim in the garment districts could turn any sewer into a rabid is an overwhelming experience.(and an opportunity i would jump at again).
    the costs are few+ the pay scale there is unimaginable. its the equivalent of many many current etsy sellers selling their product at a near loss

    i doubt etsy will try as hard to run these shops out as long as they are selling and providing customization to buyers. remember a certain seller they shut down -ostensibly for reselling, even though they did customize- that seemed to be more for forum outbursts from the seller instead of blogs and callouts claiming this shop was reselling

    what might be of even more concern is the use of flammable and toxic materials that come out of those countries due to lax or no regulations, especially as manufacturers take heed of new CPSIA regulations

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  3. Here's a seller offering us replica Tiffany and Co. jewellery.
    Heck, they're even "passionate about living life positively and are big believers in KARMA. " Well, positive of a huge price mark-up anyway.

    Google's got pages and pages of this wholesale stuff. Here's just one example

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  4. Etsy does love their resellers. According to the Flickr Frontpagers, idea2lifestyle has been on the front page 42 times.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  5. I'm seriously close to closing my shop on Etsy because I'm tired of the favoritism towards these fucktard resellers and Etsy's lack of doing anything to uphold THEIR OWN RULES. These people are wastes of space on the content team, just like lisajune, and need to get some fucking brains.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  6. the work is beautiful & it is pretty tough competition for those who are handmaking clothes themselves with expensive materials (the same as those used with these sellers with additional fees to distributers and retail outlets). what can you do but keep working on original designs,taking unique pictures & promoting yourself and good customer service?

    must go sew now so I can sell something finally~

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  7. Can we sue Etsy for violating their OWN Terms Of Service??

    It's really agitating to try to shop on Etsy when you want only handmade and vintage items...and can't even really find what you want because you don't want to waste your time looking through the hundreds or thousands of search results, most of which are NOT handmade, OR vintage. Just a bunch of re-sold, mass-produced bullsh!t!!! Like I've said before, I GO TO EBAY FOR THAT. If Etsy is that desperate for money, maybe we Etsy rebels (who are in the RIGHT if you ask me, for we only want what ETSY HAS PROMISED, YET NOT DELIVERED) should just start our OWN renegade site that ONLY sells handmade and vintage, with a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR RE-SELLERS and blatant copycats, and those who try to pass modern crap off as being truly vintage.


    and yes, to add insult to injury....featuring re-sellers is NOT COOL.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  8. KarmaJewellery's shop is an outrage.

    "SAVE $10.00, SELLING FOR 42.00 IN STORES!!!"

    Let's report this store.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  9. Quite the mark-up on the fake Tiffany, karmajewellery.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  10. Any chance you want to help me flag this shop? A 10 strand handmade necklace for $18. I don't think so.

    Plus I convo'd them to ask if they could make a smaller size and the answer was no. They have to be a reseller.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  11. Suz, that's incredible. I don't see what Etsy is waiting for.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  12. It's all about the money! Resellers bring in the money for them!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  13. Dee, I'm not so sure about that one. Those necklaces aren't difficult to make, and the beads look cheap. She could be making them and just trying to recoup her $$ instead of making a huge profit. Just my opinion.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  14. I agree with SLady, I think her shop is genuinely handmade.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  15. How many effing times does karmajewellery have to be reported before they close her down?! FAKE TIFFANY & CO. IS *NOT* HANDMADE!!!

    God, how frustrating! I'm this close to calling her out.

    /end rant
    Thanks for listening.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  16. Didn't know yy was a reseller, but since they advertise plus size clothes, I thought I'd find out if they could make a dress for me, as stated in their profile-they replied immediately, but kept calling me 'honey' in convos, which i really resent-very odd business practice, and it turned out that no, I could never have what I wanted, they kept trying to steer me to what they wanted to sell me, rather than the custom stuff they claimed they did-i didn't buy from them-and that was awhile ago-if they are resellers, surely they have been flagged a milion times-why are they still on site? Guess I'm just stupid, I would have never knowingly communicated with or even thought about purchasing from a reseller-and they weren't cheap either.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  17. And for those of you who automatically assume everything from asia is resellers-it isn't.
    Yesterday I was looking at some bracelets in a shop that were absolutely identical in every way excep for colour and a large focal bead-these bracelets were stuffed with beads-and sold for $17. From the UK. English name.
    I make charm bracelets, and even though I makea little money on them, I sell for about twice that amount and do not repeat myself.
    There is no way in hell those bracelets were handmade-not just recouping her losses, but losing money at that rate-beads must be lying around free in the streets of the UK, not to mention the leprechauns who assemble them in the night, if $17 is a reasonable price.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

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