This reader is annoyed that these shops tag goat's milk soap as vegan.

<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>

<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>

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<img src="" alt="untitled-13" title="untitled-13" width="800" height="220" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-185" />
Unless you are a VERY free spirited woman, no one will wear an apron as a dress.
These shops (just a sample, there are way to many of them) beg to to you!

*TheRedDolly <a href="">Pink retro polka dot apron</a>
*LulaDahl <a href="">Poppy Dot Half Apron</a> (it's cute but not a dress honey)
*tinderdesigns <a href="">The HOLLYWOOD HOSTESS Apron</a> - Designer Fabric Romantic Vine
*amyquarry <a href="">Pink Domestic Diva Full Apron</a>
*FrenziedArtists <a href="">Brenda Apron</a>

Want to have a post about an annoying mistagging? Send me an email with your picks:

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Peruvian Imports from Georgia?

12:51 AM Monday, April 27, 2009

Reader Gern commented:

We’ve been reporting this seller Cholosoy for a while:

<a href=""></a>

All Peruvian imports.
What I find interesting is the straight up cut and paste from these 2 Peruvian Clothing sites in their item descriptions.
<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>

A reader found them here:

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<img alt="" src="" class="alignleft" width="230" height="340" />

The exact same necklace is listed in a few shops:

* thaisterlingsilver- <a href=";listing_id=24070471">;listing_id=24070471</a>
* fonth- <a href=""></a>
* infinityjewelryclub- <a href=""></a>

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Question for Vonlady-

6:30 AM Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reader Comment from De:

Vonlady is this you as well? If so why does this item say just arrived? It sounds like it was purchased, not handmade.

<a href="—–867052.html">—–867052.html</a>

and the user name is ybmimports? same picture and the description is almost identical.

same item on etsy this one says handmade <a href=""></a>
<img alt="" src="" class="alignnone" width="430" height="326" />

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Worst Feedback Record on Etsy?

10:40 PM Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've always wondered how bad someone's feedback would need to be before Etsy closed up someone's shop or account.

These examples show it might be <strong>alot</strong>. Who has the worst feedback record on Etsy?

*The Buyer <a href="">BeadworkPaula</a> has 156 negatives!!! Really Etsy?!?
*The Seller <a href="">gemmafactrix</a> has 21 negatives and 56 neutrals.

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<img alt="" src="" class="alignnone" width="308" height="308" />

<a href=""></a>

<a href=""></a>

Shame on you <a href="">vonlady</a>!

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Using Brooklyn To Her Advantage..

8:17 PM Thursday, April 16, 2009

<a href="">Jenijaques Harlow In Chains</a>

Hopes that because she's a fellow "Brooklyn-ite" that it's okay that she's breaking TOU. Here is an example:

<a href=""></a>
"This piece is no longer for sale on etsy, but is currently available for sale @ Old Hollywood."

Old Hollywood
110 Meserole Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Not only is this breaking TOU but alot of buyers don't read. And it doesn't help that she still has the shipping info there. Why on earth WOULDN'T she sell it if someone wanted to buy it online??

So flag jenijaques for clogging up the jewelry section just to tell the small percentage of people that live in Brooklyn that they can come to a store and buy. Whatever.

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Things You Are Tired Of Seeing..

8:37 PM Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Before we start this editorial we need to remind the uptight readers of this blog just exactly what the definition of that word is: “an article in a newspaper or other periodical presenting the opinion of the publisher, editor, or editors.” Got it? Opinion of the publisher. Not fact. Bueno.

Today is an editorial question about things you are tired of seeing or can't believe people buy on Etsy.

Here is our number one-
<img src="" alt="untitled-11" title="untitled-11" width="528" height="78" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-160" />
We admit it, we even have them in our houses but we are thinking of taking them down due to the sheer "over it" that we are feeling when months and months later we keep seeing it again, again, again now on mirrors, bags, wall decor, earrings, stickers, jewelry, etc. I mean, do people love the saying that much that they need to encompass themselves with the saying in all forms? It's just been so played out and I can't think that there would be much more people that STILL need to have a piece but looking at the sales they are still coming. Where have these people still buying been? Under a rock?

Coming in at second place is daisychic's "Today I am happier than a bird with a french fry" or something like that. Um okay..bizarre..but I see it all the time. She keeps limiting the number to be made but then changes the background color by one color pixel and comes back with a hundred more to be made! Oh the humanity!

Get your editorial hat on and let us know what you think is so played out or can't believe people buy..

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<a href=""></a>
<strong>TITLE:</strong> PLANETARY GEAR Vintage Steampunk Bracelet by 19 Moons Clock Gear Handmade Bead Chain-Link Maille UNIQUE BRASS INDUSTIRAL STUNNER Eco Friendly
<strong>DESCRIPTION:</strong>At the end of her essential information she drops this word bomb-

jewelry, jewellery, jewelery, bracelet, accessory, beaded, chainmaille, chain maille, link, beads, ball, shift, bronze, watch, cog, circle, round, sun, planet, clock, dial, mechanical, mechanism, boho, bohemian, gothic, art deco, art nouveau, vintage button, gold brass metal, collage, clock, clockwork, elegant, vintage movement, gears, cool, retro, stylish, ooak, steampunk, steamteam, diy, indy, etsy, ooak, handmade, artisan, antique, unique gift, fantasy, chain, golden compass, geekery

<strong>TAGS:</strong>jewelry, antique vintage, steamteam steam, upcycled recycled, boho mod retro, teamecoetsy eco, steam punk diy, steampunk, chain bead ring, ooak jewellery, brass silver gold, gear cog wheel, mens womens unisex, arm wrist bracelet

Is she milking the system or what?!

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<a href=";forumid=410">;forumid=410</a>
<img alt="" src="" class="alignnone" width="600" height="400" />

She wanted rhinestone bridal tank tops and she *gasp* got puff paint. The response from the other people on theknot forums is hilarious.

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soapdeli pimpin' again..

8:50 PM Saturday, April 11, 2009

<a href=";page=1">;page=1</a>

Even though this mixxmade place belongs to a Mark and Marlene this site has only has featured soapdeli, her husband Infivision, and their site byhandme, ArtFire, and Etsy.

She is just <strong>shameless</strong> I swear.

My favorite thread of the year is admin calling HER out:
<a href=""></a>

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