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7:10 AM Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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  1. But this is so much easier. :p I found these while browsing handmade shoes:

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  2. But, but, they're so versatile! Not only are they supplies, but they're also clogs, sandals, slippers, high heels, ballet flats, AND high heels! All at the same time!!

    AND they're made of Pu! Yes, I know (through a quick Google search) Pu is a synthetic leather. Or plutonium. But to my inner child, thinking shoes are made from pu is really funny.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  3. This douche is selling a "new" paris made hand bag!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  4. Check out this womans profile.


    She manages to insult everyone on Etsy along with her customers.

    This profile was updated, it previously called all other photographers on Etsy "Ghetto walmart kids with crapy plastic cameras"

    This is the "nice" version.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  5. "Check out this womans profile.


    Holy crapola..!

    Here's a quote from the end of the profile:
    "I love to talk to people from other countries ...(and I'm also travelling a lot around)
    ...just another hobby of mine ;-)"

    = LMAO

    Her nicecraftworks profile isn't much better...

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  6. Wow, that is pretty rich. Being a photographer myself, I don't see what is so spectacular about her photography. It looks kind of bland. *shrugs*

    Can you report people for having offensive profiles?

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  7. Omg, this is from her other profile. How ignorant!

    "'GERMAN' beads don't exist. I'd like to stop that stupid nonsense that gets distributed by numerous jewelry and supply sellers from USA who are claiming that their beads are 'made in Western Germany'.
    The fact is that there are no beads factories in Germany. And for sure never have existed here in West Germany where I'm living for all my life (and that is almost a half century).

    ALL beads and findings which are available here in German stores are imported from Asia or from somewhere else in the world. Also the jewelry material that gets sold by the German supply companies Guetermann, Rayher, Farbenspiel etc. is imported from Asia. (They just buy it from Asia and re-sell it in Germany for super expensive prices. Not only one single bead of them was ever manufactured here in Germany! And btw ...Guetermann now even lets produce its world famous sewing thread in India.) So far about globalization...

    Further on: the words 'made in Germany' are protected by German law for products which are actually made in Germany and may not abused for any other purposes.

    Same for German 'VINTAGE' beads:
    the word 'vintage' doesn't exist in Germany as well. It's totally unknown here and all this strange hype about 'German vintage' beads is USA-made only (as well as the beads themselves!!!). These sellers use to tag their beads 'German vintage' just for making 'precious' beads out of them (even out of worthless plastic beads!) and sell them for expensive prices.
    Due to this 'vintage fashion style' hype in the USA many people are making lots of profit on that with such false products. There actually has arisen a real 'German Vintage bead' mass distribution in USA. (You can see that if you search for 'German Vintage Beads' on the internet. Just try out by yourself! You'll find US-sellers only, no German at all... even no Asian sellers, who distribute such false 'vintage beads'!)"

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  8. Yes, you can report for calling out in a profile (I've done it before), but since it's been edited my guess is someone already has reported this person. You can always try, I just can't come up with arguments strong enough to appeal to the administration.

    I don't see the artistry in her pictures either, and the things she says in the profile prove that she wouldn't recognise fine art if it bit her in the nose...

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  9. Wow, I didn't bother to read the whole bead-babble, so I missed the vintage part.


    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  10. What a b***h!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  11. I think she deserves her very own post on Etsy Call Out.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  12. True Religion Jeans

    I've had my doubts about these:

    Gift basket of commercial crap:

    Fake Louis Vuitton Shoes (and not vintage either)

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  13. Just going to point out one more thing about decentartworks...

    Previous to her updated profile she also called out all the photograhers who digitally altered their photos, saying she's only providing actual prints.

    Looks like she changed her mind about what's crap and what's art.

    "All my listed photos are also available as digitally altered photos (i.e. greyscale, aged, faded, blurry, watercolour, oilpainting, textured, digitally framed etc.) Just let me know what effect you want for which photograph of mine and I will make a customized picture especially for you ... at no extra costs :-)"

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  14. Good lord... that woman is unbalanced. WTF is this about???? How he hell does she know the percentage of sellers in Germany who are actually "other nationalities" temporarily living there?!! whatanutcase.

    "To your information:
    About 50% of all Etsy stores located in Germany are US Army 'based' military shops! Other 30% of Etsy stores here in Germany are maintained by sellers of other nationalities who just temporarely live in Germany.
    Only 20% are actually German shops.

    So you should keep this in mind if you want to buy 'typical German' products here on Etsy. But I hope very much that this strange situation will change soon and that many more German sellers will sign up on Etsy in the future
    ...for representing OUR countries' artisan products :-)"

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  15. I think that remark is sort of racist, as well. It's not like she's making traditional German cuckoo clocks. She's making beaded jewelry, anyone from anywhere can make what she's making. You don't have to be German to know that skill.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  16. traveled and lived in germany for a short time here, and never met anyone like this fischverkäuferin. wjw....i do understand her wanting to let people know about traditional crafts in Germany Post WW2.

    when i was there my arts and crafts appreciation was extended towards the fine pilsner brewers exclusively. quite enjoyable craftsmanship in that department.

    it wasnt hard to find this link, decentcraftartphotographer lady:

    not sure how accurate it is but apparently there may be some beadmaking going on there

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  17. Wow, oh joy!, I think I'll have to send that one to my German friends; they always claim their weirdos are the weirdest over there and I am beginning to believe them.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  18. I posted this elsewhere but I want everyone to dance with me . . .

    VONLADY's SHOP IS EMPTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  19. Okay so... call me stupid... but Stickers, ok... yes use as supplies for scrap booking... papers, tapes, little flowers, etc... ok yes, supplies. Beads, gemstones, wire, ear hooks, supplies...

    But these? Supplies? WTF?

    Um, pre-made manufactured cheap "diamond" rings for wedding favors? These are NOT CRAFT SUPPLIES. Just sayin'...

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  20. Here is a new one - counterfeit Tiffany and LV plus reselling new jewelry:

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  21. VonLady's been cleared out before and reappeared. I won't dance until she's been brick-walled.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  22. Good point, wonder why they didn't brick wall her?

    And I flagged that Tiffany one. How stupid do they think people are? A handcrafted sterling silver ring for $15?

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  23. I've flagged this one twice this week. I mean, this is a no-brainer...a listing for a sale. Still there...and seller keeps relisting it:

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  24. I know she's not making them by hand and she shouldn't be selling them on Etsy but at least she has some relation to their manufacture. That's more than most of the bag ladies can claim.

    Isn't it sad that I see this as a step-up amongst the rule breakers?

    Etsy has shattered my illusions and left delusions in their place.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  25. Crap, I meant to post that last comment on the batshit crazy German lady thread.

    Please disregard. Thank you.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  26. rayban and tiffany= not homemade

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  27. How about a story on all the twilight infringers? has to be the worst, and look at their tags.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  28. " has to be the worst, and look at their tags."
    "...We put as much thought into the integrity of our designs as we do actually making them..."

    They are also a co-op, but nowhere are the members introduced. "...We are a team of Twi-minded artists and graphic designers..."

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  29. I suppose they mean durability, but the pun is just delicious ;D

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

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