rubygirl has no regard that this is someone else's company name on the jewelry she is selling. But not gutsy enough to put Lego in the title but "building block". Hmmm, a little nervous since Google crawls the listings maybe?
LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product.

Copyright Shannon Conrad 2010 

tinytreesboutique with almost 2800 sales
All of my designs are copyright protected.
On each photo in her shop the watermark says "all images are property of tinytreesboutique"
Take a look tinytreesboutique's Taylor Swift & Twilight property *smirk*
Do people just not understand copyright??!

ECO really enjoys using Wordpress but they can be so infuriating sometimes. They removed this post from the blog and now need to contact me before I can post again. As before, posts will be here until resolved. However, if the above thought they were going to hide the callout by contacting Wordpress  they were WRONG. I decided to repost this here because censorship is UNCOOL WORDPRESS. Esp. when we did nothing but report the truth.

And for good measure, here are the comments left about the post- (sorry this will be long) CLICK READ MORE BELOW THIS POST TO CONTINUE READING

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