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9:02 PM Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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ChellesCraftCorner is offering a "hot off the press" <a href=";listing_id=24054205">Wow Wow Wubbzy pattern</a> ; too bad she didn't want to change the picture from the <a href=";s=books&amp;qid=1241546399&amp;sr=1-1">Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Crochet Friends book</a> from Leisure Arts.


  1. wow, total FAIL! haha!
    Unless it's marked as a supply? But she still stole the photo.


  2. And it isn't tagged as supplies, and the fact that it's a Leisure Arts pattern isn't disclosed. . .and it's already sold.


  3. Doesn't matter how it's tagged or labeled, it's not hers to sell. Look at her sold stuff! She's scanned the copyrighted directions of a copyrighted pattern and is selling it over and over.


  4. This is truly disgusting but not very surprising.


  5. Nothing new... a couple years ago, there was someone scanning LIBRARY books for heaven's sake and selling them as E-books. (Yes, the picture in the listing clearly showed the library label on the spine.)

    I flagged it multiple times, and eventually I wrote directly to Sarah, the Etsy lawyer at the time, pointing out that the illegality of it. That seller sold dozens of them, and continued to sell them for months after I contacted Sarah (who never responded to me, by the way).

    I'd love to see someone start selling pirated DVDs, how long do you think *that* would last? It's no different than pirating books, why don't they understand that?


  6. There's no way any seller is "ignorant" enough to think this is OK.



    Bedazzled Condom

  8. more copyright violations


  9. I am CheLLe from Chelles Craft Corner and would like to take a minute to reply to this post. Yes the pictures I did take from the book, because I THOUGHT it was ok, because I am selling MY OWN pattern that I CREATED of Wubbzy. The reason that I used those pictures is because they resemble the finished product, and I figured with all the selling tips that I have seen multiple people say that pictures are key to selling, so I thought these pictures are and would be better than any I could take myself. Someone was nice enough to convo me and send me a link to this site so I could see what is being falsely said about me. FOr example:

    toonces Says:
    May 5, 2009 at 7:10 pm
    Doesn’t matter how it’s tagged or labeled, it’s not hers to sell. Look at her sold stuff! She’s scanned the copyrighted directions of a copyrighted pattern and is selling it over and over.
    How can someone who hasnt purchased the pattern accuse me of scanning directions out of a book and selling them over and over again. That is NOT what I did nor what I am doing. AND, you people make it seem like i am making thousands and thousands of dollars off MY OWN pattern. I have sold 4 copies of the pattern for heavens sake. I have seen MANY to many to count or list of people ACTUALLY selling copyrighted patterns (I KNOW they are copyrighted because I actually purchased the pattern to MAKE SURE it was copyrighted before I said anything to any1 about it) making ALOT of money off them.
    I think it VERY distasteful as a business owner to call someone out, and ACCUSE someone (especially when u havent purchased the actual pattern to even know if it is copyrighted) without at least giving them the chance to explain themselves.
    I am in the process of taking care of the problem, and as soon as I get what I feel are sufficient pictures I plan to relist the item completely.


  10. WoW WoW WuBBzy...its funny how now no one has naything to say.


  11. CheLLe: I have something to say.

    You STOLE someone's else intellectual property -- the design of Wow Wow Wubzy. THEFT.

    You STOLE someone else's photos -- in your post, you admit to copyright theft. THEFT.

    You then used those photographs to sell something which you admit is not what's in the photographs. FRAUD.


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