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8:20 PM Monday, May 18, 2009

reader comment:
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I flagged this seller the day they listed their first item two weeks ago. They have made 41 sales in two weeks with their mass produced crap listed in the handmade categories.

Almost everything is listed in the handmade Everything Else category, and on their very earliest listings under Materials they have put in “not made by me”. One item, a plush keychain (which clearly shows the commercial price tag) is under Dolls and Miniatures. I guess most of the stuff could go under Supplies, Commercial although the plush keychain shouldn’t be on Etsy at all.

This pisses me off. It could have been nipped in the bud if the flagging system actually worked.


  1. Oh, yikes, on that gift basket seller-if you are going to try to sell something illegal on etsy at least try to take a decent picture of it!


  2. Is this the chick that got booted not too long ago?

    forum rubbernecker

  3. Gift basket seller, flagged numerous times:

    Gern Blanston

  4. I think that happens alot, the vaca mode prior to either being closed or closing.

    Gern Blanston

  5. All she needs to do is use the supplies category, I've seen tons of other sellers with this type of stuff that etsy doesn't seem to care about. I was going to flag someone yesterday for having vintage dollhouse furniture (not handmade) in the dolls and miniatures category but then figured why bother, etsy doesn't do much about it other than send that generic email that doesn't explain to the seller what they are doing wrong (and then of course the seller comes to the forums totally confused about the email and then of course the thread gets locked) sigh...


  6. elizabeth, you forgot the part where etsy never goes back to follow-up to see if the shop complied.

    I would like to see etsy just zap questionable listings immediately. This would mean that etsy staff would open the flag report, see a probem and inactivate the listing or the shop IMMEDIATELY. The onus would then be on the shop to prove to etsy it was in compliance to get re-opened.

    Yes, some folks would get zapped in error but I think that number would be quite low. This would mean REAL consequences for rule-breakers which might help deter the worst offenders.

    If people didn't think they could get away with mistagging or reselling, it would be far less of an issue.

    Right now, etsy is such a fucking pussy, too afraid to hurt people's feelings or upset folks. Grow a pair, etsy!

    Gern Blanston

  7. Also - I have a feeling that not everyone that gets flagged gets notified... and sometimes when they do it's just a form letter that doesn't leave them any sort of clue as to what the problem is! So, it could be that a lot of the flagged sellers have no idea they're doing anything wrong. Yeah, they should read the rules, but some people just sign up and start listing without having any idea of what's allowed and what's not. The flagging system definitely needs to be more effective!


  8. Some days I feel like as long as Etsy gets their money, why do they care what kind of item was sold....


  9. The purses are back:

    Gern Blanston

  10. I see that her shop announcement says she is going on vacation, and there are no items in her store. I wonder if that's a euphemism for "I'm opening up under a new name". Keep your eyes peeled, folks.


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