Featured Seller Chat Scam?

7:41 AM Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This was interesting.

<a href="http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6147006">http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6147006</a>

<blockquote>I've noticed the Same few people in the Featured Seller chat, not to name names but they are all on at the same time EVERY night.

Well Ive noticed that they are "fishing" for sales by saying the sales are on fire or something along those lines, I also noticed that those same few Regular Featured Seller players always go up more then anyone else in the chat, i feel its unfair for those new user who come to improve sales, they normally buy from those Regulars and when its their turn no one buys from them, then the cycle goes on.

Ive also heard from other users that they buy from eachother but don't pay for the item so they look like people are buying to "Bait" the new Commers.

Maybe its just me, i dont know
I know the Feature Seller chat was used at first as a great promotional tool, I think its jsut getting abused</blockquote>
<a href="http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6147035">


  1. I've heard the same things and popped in several times to see the same people buying from the same people. The sad thing is that I have actually bought to give it a shot and I didn't even have many views during my time as featured seller.
    I would stay far away and I would also encourage Etsy to sit in and possibly close them down. Whenever I see a new name pop in and they make it to be FS, they don't get any sales.


  2. It sounds like a total ponzi scheme to start with.

    not a wanker

  3. I wish people would see that all that time spent promoting in the forums and chat could be better spent promoting off etsy or working on their shops. I feel sad seeing newbies promote their hearts off in the forums thinking that is the key to sales.

    Gern Blanston

  4. These people really really need to just concentrate on their shops. The people with the most desperate promos seem to have the worst shops.

    forum rubbernecker

  5. Why does Poet Summer, the PERPETUAL copyright enfringement queen, have to be such a JERK to people? All. the. time.


  6. Why does Poet Summer, the PERPETUAL copyright enfringement queen, have to be such a JERK to people? All. the. time.
    Probably because PD is gone and there's no one to agree with her anymore?

    forum rubbernecker

  7. Good question, Learned. She's always so incredibly bitter and snide in her posts no matter what the subject. Must be difficult to go through life so miserable all the time.


  8. Sounds like all of the BNRs and BNSs on the promotions forum. The only ones who ever seem to make any sales from those things are the list moderators. I wish Etsy would put a stop to that junk. It's a rip off targeted to those who are new and don't know any better....


  9. I wish somebody would make a site to explain the mechanics of selling on etsy (or anywhere else online) to new sellers.

    not a wanker

  10. I don't go to chats much but I have tried a couple of the BNR threads. It didn't take long to notice that the same sellers (generally supply sellers) would just keep buying from each other, and always single cheap items at that. Reading what I've read here, I wonder if they were even really buying at all. Lesson learned!


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