Reseller or the Maker?

6:29 AM Friday, May 29, 2009

Neither have a very informational "about us" so I couldn't tell if they were the same seller or not.

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<img alt="" src="" class="alignnone" width="100" height="94" />

<a href=""></a>


  1. I think the 'laurex' label gives it away. they certainly don't look handmade to me.

    I have a call-out that irritates me every time I search for something on etsy. I search for handmade wood pendants and this shop comes up, I search for handmade paper gift tags and this shop comes up. I flag every time it comes up but nothing has changed so far:
    I'm all for creatively using your tags for the most exposure, but searching in *handmade* for paper gift tags should not bring up scrabble tile pendant supplies!! grrr.


  2. Ahem...

    Sharon Hugstad-Steinberg

  3. stock photos! You can tell, when you go to blow it up and it's actually a SMALLER version of the photo. Photo stealing FAIL.

    forum rubbernecker

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