Is Artfire really for losers?

9:19 PM Tuesday, May 5, 2009

<a href="">Pussdaddy</a> said this on her blog and we admit it, it made us laugh, but our question is if it is really true? We haven't even bothered looking over there. Even with all the soapdeli hype.

<blockquote>Also, contrary to what some twittering nitwits are saying, I will not be signing up at ArtFire. There are some good, honest sellers there that is true, but mostly ArtFire is comprised of all Etsy's sloppy seconds, if you will, the dregs and left overs who couldn't make it on Etsy, who finally moved to ArtFire to continue bitching because they tired of bitching on Etsy, so why the heck would I want to go there?</blockquote>


  1. No. It is a very user friendly site. Many there are also on etsy and have their own websites. It is another venue that really has some great features. I can make it wherever I choose to sell. It offers a great deal to sellers and I believe it has the ability to grow and grow and be a quality site.


  2. okay, guilty. It made me laugh.


  3. consider the source....*rolls eyes*

    I think artfire is going to be there for the long haul, they've started out with a good base with adding everything we've asked for at Etsy (for years now...).


  4. There's a successful supply seller who I shopped with on Etsy until she opened her Artfire shop. Because fees there are lower so are her prices. I find the site very usable and the absence of PussWhiny makes it even nicer!


  5. JK,

    Ive been able to drop my prices on artfire as well, its really freakin' expensive to sell supplies on Etsy, all that renewing and the commission cost really adds up! Im doing some studio cleaning and listing on Etsy just cause the traffic is still there...

    When I read that some sellers have bills that are in the high hundreds, I just dont understand why they are on Etsy! That must really be a high percentage of their item cost...


  6. Sorry, but I can't stand artfire. It feels like shopping at a flea market and I'm not a fan of that.


  7. Artfire is seller friendly, and buyer dismal.

    Who cares?

  8. If you were on Etsy in 2005-2006, you'd say the same Etsy has flipped to being a juried site without the offical jurying...which I think is sad.

    Im tired of seeing 'glossy model shots' on the FP....


  9. Etsy sellers who have monthly fees in the hundreds are wasting their time and money on renewing. Total waste.

    Artfire is not going to be around much longer. Their site is just trashy looking. Not for me either.

    Artfire is not for me

  10. I really like the user interface on ArtFire. I love how EASY it is to list an item, more room for pictures and lower fees. I like the 'Rapid Cart' feature too. I'm using in on my own personal website until I'm able to figure out what to do next about a cart (suggestions?) Sure, it's not as 'cool looking' as Etsy and I haven't sold one damn thing there yet... But I'm hopeful. I've seen my items pop up high in Google searches within days. The great thing about it being 'ugly' is that there is room for improvement. Now buy my damn stuff! ;-P


  11. I have had more sales on Artfire this year (4) than Etsy (1). Personally I like Artfire better. The lesson I have learned from both sites though is that my product does not sell online well, so I just use them for portfolio sites.


  12. Maybe I was right. They did, after all, actively recruit and sign up con artist ShadeJewelry so fast it would make your head spin. Shade probably couldn't even believe it.



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