This is what her blog says:
"I am not exactly sure what I am going to do yet, whether I am just going to wait to get what I have ordered and then delete my account, or if I am going to stay on and buy. Either way, my buying on Etsy will probably be drastically reduced anyway as I made a lot of my buys in the forum, so I don't see that it matters much one way or the other. I will talk to my husband and see what he thinks and then decide. It is not like it is any life altering event in my life or anything, but I have to weigh the pros and cons of it all."

She must have a really trouble free life to have to discuss with a spouse the pros and cons of buying at a site that won't let her shoot her mouth off.

We're happy, she was a pain in the ass but there is a whine thread <a href="">here</a>.

Feel free to discuss.


  1. I think this:

    'urbanwoodswalker says:
    I think that they got banned because they had some terrible enemies..which were the ones bashing same person publicly off line so much they HAD to start their own blog just to mentally cope.'

    is my favorite so far. Oh yes, the poor, innocent puss, forced by the CruelCruelWorld to trash everyone who so much as looked like they disagreed with her in order to cope.


  2. Finally!! THANK YOU ETSY!


  3. This is one of my best Etsy days EVER. She cooked her own goose by shooting her mouth off on her blog about her purpose of what she does in the forums being to get certain people muted. I don't get following people around to be mean, but whatever. And what kind of a weird thing is it that she has to discuss it with her husband? Discuss what? How she's going to occupy her time? How about cooking, cleaning, volunteer work, personal development like quitting smoking, learning how to take care of yourself, maybe taking a class or two? She has every advantage in the world that she doesn't have to work and can do whatever she wants. Maybe she could work on making herself happy in a way that doesn't make the rest of us miserable!

    forum rubbernecker

  4. It doesn't matter. I'm sure she has sock puppet accounts. Sometimes I swear most of her arguments were with herself anyway, as much as she loves the attention it gave her.


  5. *golf claps*

    I think PD has some serious emotional issues. I think that whatever she gained from the forums (the attention, the drama, the purchases) all get dumped the big lonely hole she has inside her. I feel sorry for her more than anything.

    I am sure she'll find another forum home if she hasn't already.

    Gern Blanston

  6. it was a long time coming, but the forums will be a bit less dramafilled now, and that's a good thing.


  7. I never realized she was batshit insane obsessed until I saw her blog. It's like watching a furry flip out over Encyclopedia Dramatica.


  8. this is really really good news. it may be safe to come back to the forums again.

    oh joy!

  9. The forums sucked before Pussdaddy and they'll suck after Pussdaddy. The problem is much more global than one member.

    Her banning won't stop the "Oh boohoo, I don't have any sales! Buy from me or I'll close my shop" threads or the worthless waste of time known as the promo forum or the bullies there who get their rocks off by slamming newbies who are just trying to find their way around.

    It won't stop the sweatshops, the big sellers with lots of negative feedbacks who just keep on selling, the favoritism, the push to conform, the cultivation of desperation, or the cultlike environment.

    It won't stop Rob White from being a micro-phallused, censoring control freak or the Etsy admins from being inept, pedantic, cliquish dingdongs or Rob Kalin from being a totalitarian tin god.

    So enjoy your sense of relief while it lasts, but banning Pussdaddy won't change a thing. Ban one person you think is annoying and tomorrow there will be ten others to take her place.

    Betsy Etc

  10. Thank God for small favors. The woman is insane. She had to discuss leaving a chat board with her husband? Shows me she can't make any decisions on her own.

    I noticed she hasn't blogged since December 08 either. Maybe we're blessed and she broke her computer. I have to agree with Betsy ETC though. There are plenty more there who need to go.


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