Inspired or ripped?

8:37 PM Friday, May 1, 2009

Reader Comment:

" was shut down; she was an etsy top seller who sold lots of copyrighted images. However, ss reopened as affordable graphics here:
<a href=""></a>
Apparently she has stopped ripping off disney! But her “Fabric Inspired” designs look like amy b and other top designers. i can’t say they are for sure, but someone who knows their work better prolly can identify if they are."

Anyone able to say?


  1. These certainly are amy butler...


  2. These sheets from a different seller are definitely not just "inspired" - they even include the name of the fabric collections they're ripping off!


  3. I'd like to know more about Savensense, how do you know that the store was shut down? It looks like they just stopped selling a few months ago. I'm just really curious if anyone knows any background, like did they say they got a cease & desist letter or something? I know that a lot of people have contacted Disney about sellers like this and I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether Disney has ever followed up on it.

    The new store does have the same "mouse alphabet" as the old one with a Mickey Mouse silhouette but they no longer mention Disney or Mickey anywhere ini the listing.


  4. sorry, i didn't word that well. i'm not sure she got shut down or if she herself shut down that shop and opened under a new name.


  5. she's copied some michael miller designs too - I sent her shop link to the designers

    kristen - gock's frocks

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