Reseller Call Out- Fantask

1:23 PM Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fantask out of China listed "their" items this morning, September 23, 2009.  Here is the link:
Unfortunately, the toys are actually produced by Playsam (a Swedish company,) a fact that Fantask points out themselves in their listing descriptions.  Here is the link to Playsam's product page:


  1. That sucks because they are cool. FLAG.


  2. Okay - seriously. SERIOUSLY!

    Unless Etsy is happy to become just an 'E-commerce site like ebay' like that spicyspirit person said, then perhaps it is time they initiated a probationary period for new sellers.

    I'm thinking of giving up on Etsy and moving over to Folksy, which is based where I am, the UK.


  3. OMG. It looks like there is a reseller betting pool out there to see who can open the most obvious reseller shop on Etsy and stay there the longest.

    I guess we now know that no one on the staff ever bothers to look at TimeMachine2 to see what is being listed -- like someone taking turns looking it over for 5 minutes every hour?


  4. Don't know if it's of any interest,but did you notice seller prodigalprogeny got kicked off etsy? the items they sent me never arrived,getting through to them was awfully hard,and when I finally got a mail saying they had computer problems and offered a refund...well,I still don't have it.Neither items nor money. Just wondering if anyone else experienced something similar. I only noticed,because etsy abuse sent me a mail about how they couldn't contact the seller and had to remove the store. Not as bad as getting ripped off by shadejewelry,of course,but still annoying.


  5. Quite a nice mark-up he has on them too: the cars cost $59.50 on Playsam's own site...

    Off to google Folksy ->


  6. I think I need to do some shopping at Playsam! Those are really cool! But not so cool on Etsy, of course.


  7. anon,

    i didn't find any sellers with that name on etsy. it looks like they're gone. perhaps file a claim with pay pal. you should be able to get your money back that way.

    good luck


  8. I found a cache of the prodigalprogeny store on Google, and look, she has two other stores.

    'Vintage and Antique Sewing Patterns and Ephemera:
    Handmade Jewelry:'

    Maybe Anonymous could try convoing her through one of the other shops to sort it out?


  9. Gone - the flagging does work sometimes.


  10. Gone - the flagging does work sometimes

    Holy shit, someone played Etsy rules and not their own! Thata girl!


  11. Another reseller that admits it in the item description!

    Leg/Arm Warmers Set -- Chinese Laundry
    Cute white flowers on a black background. Scalloped edge at the top. The second pair is black and grey. They are made by Chinese Laundry.


  12. I think she means the socks the leg warmers are made from were made by Chinese Laundry. If a pair or set are socks are from a known maker, she mentions that. I don't think making leg or arm warmers from socks she didn't knit herself makes her a reseller.


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