10:58 PM Monday, September 21, 2009

This girl goodluckelle decides to respond to the comment "You have a wide variety of things! Is this all handmade by you goodluckelle? If so, that's impressive!" with

"Oh they are not handmade by me but my supplier workshop! Thank you :-)"

in her own thread that she started. Wow. Gobsmacked.  

If you want yet another laugh take a look at her shop and read her shop announcement. 

Speaking of a lengthy re-opening, unfortunately regs123 is back open again. Boo.
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  1. Goodluckelle says in one of her blog posts that Etsy is an ecommerce site like Ebay (way to go, Etsy) and that her goal is to be a wholesaler vs a retailer. She is looking for suppliers, and would like her Etsy jewelry shop to grow into a chain of stores.

    I think this link will go to the post in question. It's worth a read to see how an MBA student from an emerging economy along the Pacific Rim views Etsy and the kind of business opportunity Etsy offers.


  2. Her shop is now closed and the announcement says that it is being "rearranged." I wonder if that means that she is re-writing all of her descriptions so that they don't mention the people who actually make her items.


    I hope that this woman succeeds in her dream of owning her own business, as long as it is in the proper venue, which is not Etsy.

    At least the "good" news is that her items are hand made by someone, just not her.


  3. Don't worry about Regs123.

    Opening her shop is the best thing she could do. (I can't believe she is that stupid but I'm glad she is that stupid.)

    The wheels of artistic justice turn slowly, but they do turn.


  4. The hidden rss feed, hidden blogspot toolbar and the links not being a different color font are both part of the template you are using. You can edit the style sheet for this template to keep the same appearance but change just those elements.


  5. Nice Tinkerbell regs123 has there:

    Etsy might not take it seriously, but I know Disney does:


  6. Hey Wartime...found anyone else to complain about?

    Let me know and we will discuss it!

    Looking forward to it!


  7. Funny how you got kicked off of Wordpress! Maybe you will be kicked off of Blogger too!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed..


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  9. haha sorry guys. I'm elle.

    I've made a stupid mistake when I first came to the U.S. and thought I could open a store on etsy to start an exciting business. However, after realizing this is a strict handmade market, I moved my business out of it. I didn't remake my descriptions ;-) This new experiment didn't turn out a success for me but I hope Etsy and genuine sellers can enjoy a good business! Sorry for my silly mistake!


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