Counterfeit Counting Game

12:42 PM Saturday, September 19, 2009
1. this is not handmade.
2. this is not vintage.
3. this is not real Chanel, it is counterfeit.
4. This item has been flagged by about 100 people, over and over, since JUNE.
5. This item is in the handmade bags & purses category


  1. has a 'contact us' section. I sent a link to corporate just in case it might interest them.


  2. Sigh....

    forum rubbernecker

  3. You will probably get more action from Chanel than from etsy - I will be sending them an email and some links.


  4. The shop is full of resale items also.


  5. I've flagged them before. Many of their jewelry and clothing listings are neither handmade nor vintage. I think this one says it all about the seller:


  6. I'm not sure how to 'report' a shop for call-out review, so is it OK if I post it here?

    I was browsing in Pounce and came across this beauty:

    Not that far off from the Winnie-the-Pooh chick, and to me it's blatant IP theft.



  7. This seller must be reselling... the Coach shoes? The Chanel bag? The Kenneth Cole shoes? I flagged them all, but the fact that etsy lets this reseller stay sucks monkeyballs.


    Their jewelry doesn't appear to be handmade and neither doesn't the clothing. I also don't think they're vintage, but I'm not sure.


  8. I apologize for highjacking this thread, but your "contact us" link doesn't work. There is a long post on Etsy forums right now ( ) from a seller lecturing about proper branding of one's product...and she is a reseller! She admits it later in the thread. Here is a link to her shop:

    This is just too weird and funny - I had to share.


  9. Sandra, that is definitely weird. Etsy locked the forum discussion but left the reseller shop open for business, even after the seller publicly admitted she doesn't make her stuff?

    The shop with the faux Chanel seems to be mostly a mix of vintage and reseller jewelry (I saw at least one listing which is a marriage of both new and vintage pieces with similar colors). All the reseller items I clicked on were listed as handmade.

    If people have been flagging the counterfeit Chanel for over 3 months now, there should be nothing in that shop for sale but the vintage items, which as far as I can tell from the photos, are legit (no pics of the marks on the jewelry, but most sellers on Etsy don't show them).

    Is reselling okay on Etsy now?

    Etsy should not be displaying the Handmade Pledge if that's the case.


  10. Here's a good one for you -- not only is this chick:
    a reseller, but she admits it in this thread:


  11. Hi ECO - links aren't working for me here - so like, can't get to see what Jennifer is talking about, for example. Is this just me?


  12. (Okay, got it - I'm a big twit - copy and paste the link to the thingamajig bar.)

    Got there, and reported that Maurice Sendak rip off. He tells us, "(I) work at a marketing and design firm as a production designer and illustrator."

    Then try designing or illustrating something, you complete cretin.



    Effing SpongeBob from 2001? I just puked.


  14. Links don't work as links for me, and even copying and pasting doesn't work because for some reason, the links are being cut off in the text.

    ex. last comment only shows:


  15. I think it's time for a public callout on the forums on this one. Although it didn't do anything for the reseller referred to in earlier comments here.

    Sigh. So who's willing to be muted for a couple of weeks?


  16. I've started reading the old posts to this blog (going back to April) just to see what, if anything, has been done about shops with obvious violations. Some have disappeared, but most are open for business with the same old stuff for sale. It's really discouraging.

    I'm only a buyer on Etsy, but at this point I hate to spend money there, knowing a percentage of that will go to the site.

    If I was an Etsy admin, I'd be reading this blog religiously. After all, the posters here are doing a hella lot of detective work for free. If the shop owners mostly don't care about being called out here, and Etsy doesn't care, is it really worth someone getting muted for calling offenders out in the forums?

    So many of the items called out are still for sale. This suggests to me that there aren't many customers hot to purchase faux Chanel or reseller painted wood magnets. The problem for buyers is, I think, they get so annoyed by seeing all the crap on Etsy that they know isn't handmade (or really vintage, depending on what they are shopping for) that they click away from Etsy in disgust before spending any money.

    The type of buyer that knows or cares about real handmade or authentic vintage is no longer Etsy's target market, or so it seems.


  17. Life-during-wartime, you bring up excellent points. A post like that should be made on the forums; Etsy doesn't care what their sellers think, but there's a good chance they'll care about what a buyer has to say.


  18. JK, I have posted similar things in the forums, just not recently. I got tired of being a thread killer - buyer only version.

    I just clicked on the Chanel link, and it's still active! Is it easier now to get away with selling counterfeit on Etsy than on Ebay?


  19. Mmmmm...monkey balls.


  20. Fake Chanel is finally gone!


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