funny rant of the day from <a href="">ebay</a>:
They bash eBay and claim superiority over us... they lock threads and suspend posting abilities too... Ive never been so insulted in all my days by such an inferior group of tards and misfits..

Can you see I am a little peeved off LOL.... I contacted their support and complained and probably to no avail anyhow.. who gives a F.. I dont.. They can go to h e double hockey sticks for all I care....

Anyhow how are yall eBayer's doing this evening ? Good I hope..!!!

Let me hear from you all, sound off 1 at a time .....</em>


  1. I didn't know ol' Marblehead was muted. Anyone know why specifically?


  2. Wow... what a douche.

    Huh, and it's ANOTHER marble person. Weird. Or ironic?


  3. He used the word "'tards"? Really? And thought that would get his point across well? (shakes head)

    Lori Anderson

  4. Carl needs his meds. I read most of the "On a Wing and an Obama" rant on Etsy, It was pretty amusing.


  5. Well, now. . .isn't this curious?

    User pencil*necked*geek says: 'They muted me indefinitely, too. I am PussDaddy there by the way. Or at least I was. I deleted my account.'

    And what an interesting recent purchase:


  6. Wow, Carl should really use Spell Check before he posts!


  7. I contacted their support and complained and probably to no avail
    Um, yeah, maybe not. Hey, Carl, here's a special complaint email addy for you:

    To their credit on eBay, though, in their forums, they do seem to be better able to deal with likes of Carl.

    forum rubbernecker

  8. That Carl must be the raddest dude in 4th period study hall - no lie!


  9. lmao crowbiz - yeah, he's the shiznit!


  10. Did you read his eBay ramblings? Apparently, he was shut out for talking smack about Muslims. Cute. Between that and the "dirty Mexicans" thread in the CPISA forum yesterday, I'm actually quite pleased that with Etsy's recent vigilance when it comes to bitch-slapping these morons right off the site.


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