..and by giving it a completely different description title "Large Deer Trophy" they thought they would throw us off as well from the original "Cardboard Stag Deer Mount" but they did copy and paste some of the item description. And strangely enough, they charge more money.

Popdeluxe- <a href="http://www.popdeluxe.net/cardboard-deer-large.html">http://www.popdeluxe.net/cardboard-deer-large.html</a>

reseller- Cj8n <a href="http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24586059">http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24586059</a>
<img alt="" src="http://ep.yimg.com/ip/I/yhst-53777107109672_2057_255800900" class="alignnone" width="272" height="272" /><img alt="" src="http://ny-image0.etsy.com/il_430xN.69175292.jpg" class="alignnone" width="272" height="272" />

Edited to add: They are probably the same people but I still find it odd that the names, descriptions, &amp; price are different if they are the same makers.


  1. Could they be the same person?


  2. This is reselling not a copycat issue.


  3. What the hell is wrong with people? There are plenty of venues where it's okay to resell stuff. Why choose Etsy? I don't get it.


  4. Same people, people.


    Bedazzled Condom

  5. http://www.cardboardsafari.com/shop/page.php?&pid=7

    Bedazzled Condom

  6. I agree that it's the same people, but I'm doubting they're making all that stuff by themselves. They have to have employees or be outsourcing somehow. Their distribution is just two wide for it to be truly handmade.




    Gern Blanston

  8. well, they go featured on the front page a couple of times.

    Maybe they make those themselves and sell them from several sites? just wondering. They've been on Etsy for 6 months now.


  9. they're the featured seller today! July 8, 2009


  10. These items come flat, like as sheets of cardboard that you have to punch out. You can have them cut at a print shop fairly inexpensively.

    It's the same guys at every one of the sites.


  11. Susan beat me to it. Featured seller today. sigh


  12. From their website

    it says "We owe the success of our business to our excellent staff of creative and hard working people. "

    Hard for the little guy to compete with this.


  13. VBJ just found this for the REAL maker it looks like:



  14. they have stores all over the world. They must be a fairly large cottage industry to supply all those stores.


  15. Featured seller - located in Charlottesville, VA
    Cardboard Safari - located in Charlottesville, VA

    cj8n's Profile -- Cardboard Safari is a collaboration between Chris Jessee and Luis Rodrigalvarez, based in Charlottesville Virginia.

    We make neat stuff from cardboard


    Seriously. They're the same people. These items do not come assembled, You have to put them together. They're die-cut sheets of cardboard.

    I used to have to put together Christmas tree ones (from a different place) every year at my job.


  16. @sparklecandy (and anyone )
    I believe you that it's all the same folks- so would you say that the "handmade" aspect of their art is you, putting it together? Or the die-cut cardboard is "handmade" on a die-cut machine?
    It's a cool idea, but it seems manufactured to me.


  17. Ehhh...handmade, I guess as they designed it. That's the Etsy requirement. Nowhere does Etsy say you actually have to make your handmade item.

    Although, they are much more collective-y than they want to admit.

    For me, it brings back cringe-worthy memories of hundreds of christmas tree statuettes, so it's not my thang, not to mention I'm not really into animal-head-on-the-wall decor.

    Just to play devil's advocate, what about people that sell prints of their artwork? Screenprinting? Digital Designwork? Do you view that as handmade? Food for thought.


  18. If you think this type of crap is "creative" and attractive, then you deserve what you get. These cardboard pieces of junk are ugly and should find a bonfire ASAP. And these losers should be OFF Etsy.

    Leaving a Reply

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