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12:58 AM Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Interesting thread regarding the seller <a href="">ThreadBinder</a>

<a href=""></a> who was on the front page.

They even mention the brand of the items in the description! just google them – here’s one i found:
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<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>


  1. Item gone, shop empty. Sometimes calling out works. Bravo to Cutiepie. I hope you don't get muted for asking the dolts to do their jobs.

    Oh and may I say that Sewopolis is an ignorant dumbass.

    Bedazzled Condom

  2. I rarely agree with calling out. With sock puppets and resellers, all bets are off the table.

    forum rubbernecker

  3. Exactly! Cutiepie is a friend of mine and it's totally unfair that other sellers would attack her like that. There is no place for resellers on Etsy, and the fact that it was featured on the FP and TWEETED about by Etsy is especially galling. They doubled their sales thanks to that. I think Etsy should refund those buyers' money, since they promoted a blatant misrepresentation.


  4. Thank you for this post! A big shoutout to NYCrochet for bringing your attention to this while i battle a very uncooperative internet connection.

    I'm glad etsy finally did something about it, but not before they garnered 14 sales. Are people really that dumb (excuse the crassness) that they can't tell this stuff is mass-manufactured??

    Thanks for the support Bedazzled and Rubbernecker. The whole thing was pretty appalling. I guess i should have used proper etsy lingo, "reseller." Maybe then there would have been less people attacking me.

    Since i have a bone to pick with those that jumped down my throat, im going to post in the forums. I want them to know I was right. be back with a link.


  5. anyone that would like to check out my new thread and post a comment, please do!


  6. Why do people basically support the resellers? Selling mass-produced items as handmade is FRAUD, publicly mentioning their FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY is at worst rude.

    Etsy is populated by people with no business sense.


  7. Good for you CutiePie! I agree with you 100%. I've gotten so sick of the Etsy can do no wrong people on the forums that I have all but stopped going there. It's just a ridiculous fountain of oh-woe is me I need sales, buy from me posts lately anyway. Oh and then there are the Forum Police that are self appointed of course and so on and so on :)


  8. Wow, lisajune is even dumber than marymary.

    Way to go Etsy! You can't find the timeor energy to remove the commercially manufactured TOOTH WHITENING KIT seller from Etsy but you can take the time to find yet another admin with the IQ of burnt toast to help the lot of you CONTINUE to IGNORE the BLATANT reselling.

    "Please tag these sellers and support will deal with them appropriately. And considerably more directly than if you report the problem here."

    You lie like a dumbass BITCH!

    Bedazzled Condom

  9. More "mass produced" crap being sold here:

    The jewelry toggles are ok as supplies - but the rest is not hand made - they are even stolen pictures from manufacturer web sites. I've reported but still nothing has been done.


  10. Oh, AND you'll just friggin' love this. A movie poster from "Twilight" being sold. Not a hand made poster - one you get from the movie store. WTF????


  11. I'm sure they will be dealt with "appropriately" and "directly" very soon, Christine.

    Bedazzled Condom

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