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8:37 PM Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Before we start this editorial we need to remind the uptight readers of this blog just exactly what the definition of that word is: “an article in a newspaper or other periodical presenting the opinion of the publisher, editor, or editors.” Got it? Opinion of the publisher. Not fact. Bueno.

Today is an editorial question about things you are tired of seeing or can't believe people buy on Etsy.

Here is our number one-
<img src="" alt="untitled-11" title="untitled-11" width="528" height="78" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-160" />
We admit it, we even have them in our houses but we are thinking of taking them down due to the sheer "over it" that we are feeling when months and months later we keep seeing it again, again, again now on mirrors, bags, wall decor, earrings, stickers, jewelry, etc. I mean, do people love the saying that much that they need to encompass themselves with the saying in all forms? It's just been so played out and I can't think that there would be much more people that STILL need to have a piece but looking at the sales they are still coming. Where have these people still buying been? Under a rock?

Coming in at second place is daisychic's "Today I am happier than a bird with a french fry" or something like that. Um okay..bizarre..but I see it all the time. She keeps limiting the number to be made but then changes the background color by one color pixel and comes back with a hundred more to be made! Oh the humanity!

Get your editorial hat on and let us know what you think is so played out or can't believe people buy..


  1. LMAO It is sad but true. I like them both the first time I saw them but now they are everywhere I look.


  2. Three words: Scrabble tile pendants


  3. These remind me of the yellow happy faces from when I was in high school back in the early seventies. They were cute and fun at first until everybody in the world had a damn happy face. I can't fathom why this saying is so freaking popular, but I wish I'd come up with it first and made a boatload of money off of it.


  4. This exactly like about 20 years ago when "Carpe Diem" and "Love See No Color" were on became freaking ANTHEMS. I loved the phrases but way to *grind* 'em home...

    Oh yeah, I'm personally sick of this familiar "steam punk" style being overused and popping up like a rampant virus. At first it felt really organic and almost clever. Now most of the pieces I come across appear to be overproduced (rather than well thought out), mediocre, and in general lacking any creative juice. But the good news is, that's an excellent way to lower the overall value! (Note my not-terribly-clever use of sarcasm.)

    Sharon Hugstad-Steinberg

  5. I'm totally with you on the "Keep calm." I'm now amazed that I liked them at first.

    My addition to the list: mustaches.


  6. I agree with Sharon about steampunk stuff. Yes, there are some really interesting pieces out there but most are just mediocre at best. Simply gluing an old watch part to something makes it "steampunk"?


  7. One word: Cowls


  8. the Keep Calm people will be busting sales soon though, I just saw it in a magazine and they credited etsy (not the seller though which is a bummer)....think it was Domino mag? or living etc?


  9. Scrabble tile pendants for sure.

    Gern Blanston

  10. Ughhh, add me to the Scrabble Tile list!


  11. I loathe these. Perhaps because I loathe them, I fail to see the appeal of copying the same pre-printed slogan on to everything and trying to pass it off as some kind of clever creation.

    Cowls, Scrabble tile pendants (glass and polymer tile ones can be cool, though), cozies for everything -- never got into any of it and there's just so much of it all.


  12. Has anyone made a cozy for a scrabble tile pendant yet? :P


  13. How about that creepy octopus charm? Cripes, I hate that thing!


  14. This is the problem with Etsy. In a nutshell, any item that can be perceived as something that makes $$$$ will ultimately be made and nauseum.

    Kraken Mosaics

  15. To be absolutely fair... the Etsy seller/sellers who are selling the "Keep calm and Carry on" items did not create the saying nor the crown above it. Posters with the crown and saying were issued in England during WWII to encourage people to keep on living and not be afraid while their lives were being uprooted. (Perhaps a good reminder for today through our economic crisis, even though it's completely unrelated to WWII war ravaged England in which the saying was meant.)
    /history lesson

    Having said that... I hate all those damned owls and deer and the other random birds. I'm sure there's more that irks me, but I can't remember what they are now.


  16. I'll admit I have a "Keep calm..." t-shirt. I emerged from under my rock only recently and bought it, with the promise of freebies that have still not arrived. But seeing as no one else in this sleepy town even knows what Etsy is, I can get away with it.
    What I'm fed up of seeing is soap, bars of soap.


  17. I'm getting tired of seeing Twilight everything.


  18. Wow. Gotta hate mustaches and anything "Steampunk."
    The scrabble tile thing is so played my pancreas are sore.

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