19Moons Needs A Word Muzzle..

12:08 AM Wednesday, April 15, 2009

<a href="http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=22224515">http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=22224515</a>
<strong>TITLE:</strong> PLANETARY GEAR Vintage Steampunk Bracelet by 19 Moons Clock Gear Handmade Bead Chain-Link Maille UNIQUE BRASS INDUSTIRAL STUNNER Eco Friendly
<strong>DESCRIPTION:</strong>At the end of her essential information she drops this word bomb-

jewelry, jewellery, jewelery, bracelet, accessory, beaded, chainmaille, chain maille, link, beads, ball, shift, bronze, watch, cog, circle, round, sun, planet, clock, dial, mechanical, mechanism, boho, bohemian, gothic, art deco, art nouveau, vintage button, gold brass metal, collage, clock, clockwork, elegant, vintage movement, gears, cool, retro, stylish, ooak, steampunk, steamteam, diy, indy, etsy, ooak, handmade, artisan, antique, unique gift, fantasy, chain, golden compass, geekery

<strong>TAGS:</strong>jewelry, antique vintage, steamteam steam, upcycled recycled, boho mod retro, teamecoetsy eco, steam punk diy, steampunk, chain bead ring, ooak jewellery, brass silver gold, gear cog wheel, mens womens unisex, arm wrist bracelet

Is she milking the system or what?!


  1. does that really work to put all those tags in your description? cause if so, it might be worth a try, no matter how tacky it looks. gotta get those sales somehow!
    oh, and she needs to learn how to spell industrial.


  2. Unbelievable what some sellers will do just to get sales! There is so much mistagging going on on Etsy that it isn't even funny! It's sad to see what was suppose to be a great site for handmade, vintage & supplies come to this. Admin does nothing, too busy figuring out other ways they can support their favorites! The sad thing though, a lot of their favorites mistag too!


  3. blahh what a total turn off. I would click right out of that shop if I saw all that nonsense.


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