soapdeli pimpin' again..

8:50 PM Saturday, April 11, 2009

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Even though this mixxmade place belongs to a Mark and Marlene this site has only has featured soapdeli, her husband Infivision, and their site byhandme, ArtFire, and Etsy.

She is just <strong>shameless</strong> I swear.

My favorite thread of the year is admin calling HER out:
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  1. u g h


  2. Her soap is crap and so is crack!


  3. Would you like to be featured on MixxMade? Please submit a directory listing or a spotlight and we will be happy to feature you too! :) Happy Easter!


  4. Um, no thanks. None of us are that desperate to be spotlighted on some hack soapdeli site.


  5. Ah! This explains some of my Twitter messages.

    Betsy Etc

  6. WTF, spamdeli is even spamming here? Come on, give us an infomercial.

    what's with this 'mom made it' site that has a banner image just like soap deli's, too?


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