Annoying Mistagging- Apron/Dress

12:08 AM Thursday, April 30, 2009

<img src="" alt="untitled-13" title="untitled-13" width="800" height="220" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-185" />
Unless you are a VERY free spirited woman, no one will wear an apron as a dress.
These shops (just a sample, there are way to many of them) beg to to you!

*TheRedDolly <a href="">Pink retro polka dot apron</a>
*LulaDahl <a href="">Poppy Dot Half Apron</a> (it's cute but not a dress honey)
*tinderdesigns <a href="">The HOLLYWOOD HOSTESS Apron</a> - Designer Fabric Romantic Vine
*amyquarry <a href="">Pink Domestic Diva Full Apron</a>
*FrenziedArtists <a href="">Brenda Apron</a>

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  1. Maybe they're using "dress" in the sense of "not casual"...but I doubt it.


  2. You could wear an apron over jeans as a dress, like a pinafore, which is probably what they're thinking/hoping. It IS annoying though as I have been looking for summer dresses recently and have almost been tricked into buying an apron. That would be one breezy dress!


  3. hmmm - I have one tagged as a top? Thoughts? I wear them as tops.....


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