Anyone know the story behind this and goatmountainarts reply?

<em>"Maybe it's because everyone is tired of the passive aggressive blame another seller for your bad business which is exactly what you are doing. I know it, you know and she knows it but she's too nice to say anything.
If something is mistagged, hey FLAG it. What do you expect to achieve by this? It comes across as jealous and petty and small and manipulative, all of which it is.
It's obvious and it's spiteful and don't we really have enough jealousy fueled spiteful actions going around these days?
I don't get why it isn't digital college because whatever, but again, flag it if it's an issue instead of behaving like this. Couldn't get away with it inside a thread so you what, made up your own?
If you KNOW that someone is breaking the rules, don't break them yourself by calling out. Makes you look doubly foolish." </em>
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  1. Why on earth would this garner such attention? No fake Gucci bags? Nike shoes?

    Kinda, I don't know, ewww.

    Ya'll are gonna have your hands full if time well spent is time dredging up commentary on the forums. Even if this wasn't me, this just seems petty and strange.

    You could just ask me, I'm really easy to get a hold of. So let's pretend you did.

    The story behind it is between the players involved and well, that was as discrete as I could muster at the moment after simply becoming fed up.

    *walks away shaking head*

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  2. "The story behind it is between the players involved"

    Then keep it off the PUBLIC FORUMS and people won't make comments or ask questions.

    Problem solved.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  3. Um, no, I answered the question. The question was what happened and I gave you the answer. Because it's on a public forum doesn't mean I have to give you the answer you wanted or explain details I didn't in the post.

    It's really not that interesting, sorry.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  4. BTW, I have to add. The whole 'keep it off the public forums' rationale has never worked for me. I don't think public discourse is somehow immune to discretion or kindness. But then I'm the kind of person that simply would have asked, were I that intrigued rather than post something to garner speculation.

    It would be unfortunate if everything we said at any moment, our finest, or not, was held up as a topic for idle gossip. But then there's whole series of tabloids that thrive off such fodder, so go figure.

    Why not just ask? I could have saved you the trouble. It's one statement taken out of context and while not one I'm thrilled with, hardly scandal worthy.

    That's all. No need to get bent.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  5. I would like to see this blog retain its focus on calling out the resellers, mistaggers, bad vintage, etc and not get bogged down with rehashing forum drama. Just my two cents.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  6. I agree with Gern. Seems like the drama is in the details lately, instead of the Big Picture issues. If it were politics, I'd say it looks like someone is attempting a diversion. Etsy really does'nt play politics, does it? that was a sarcastic ironic rhetorical question, but what I mean is--- let's not do it. Refer to the blogs where people are giving the details, and lets get back to the real Bad Guy stuff that needs to be dumped!!
    Mostly because of fraud, lies, and reselling.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  7. "The whole ‘keep it off the public forums’ rationale has never worked for me."

    Gee, I never would have guessed.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  8. i have mentioned this hanbag seller already but I am going to again because i feel it needs looking into:

    Boutique Italiana may have their own website but google the brand name Lilia Vanini and see how many hundreds of online sellers of this brand there are.

    These are mass produced and sell worldwide.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  9. Ok, Amy, I tagged the shop! Yeah, put in the brand name and it pulls up everywhere!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  10. I think this site is more productive when it covers products that break TOU, rather than forum catfights.

    It's stunning how many items & sellers who have been called out on this blog have gotten Admin attention and been axed. That's success. Don't squander it on forum squabbles.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  11. This wasn't a forum cat fight. It was about how f'd up the relevant search is, and how sellers are mistagging to be more relevant. I'm not the first seller on etsy to discuss this issue.
    In fact there is a long thread which has been active for weeks called
    "I think I'm going to start tagging my Art as Jewelry and Supplies...."

    I also commented in that thread about the problem.

    The seller GMA feels the need to defend, who happened to be on one of the pages pointed to, has dominated the first pages of relevant search for weeks maybe longer. She has been the only seller on that page. Whether or not there is a difference between us is not relevant to what I wanted addressed. And for GMA to jump in and claim she knows "nothing" about "something" she thinks is apparent "between the lines" is pretty telling. If anyone looked at the thread objectively they would see the point I was trying to make.
    Searches for items on etsy which do not have their own categories have to be typed into the search bar and that automatically put's the searcher into relevant search, it becomes the default after searching relevant search one time. If you type in digital collage sheets from the supplies category main page you get one set of results. The alleged "other cat" was not even on that page but that page also remains static with "digital collage sheets" tagged as "digital collage".
    If you are on that page and click on "You can also look in handmade" you get a different set of results, and the other seller is the only one on that page. If from that results page you click back to "You can also look in Supplies" it doesn't take you back to the first results, it stays on the page with the one seller.

    The tag field when listing can only accommodate "collage sheets" and not "digital collage sheets" so sellers tagging their digital collage sheets in supplies as collage sheets are less relevant than those who mistag with digital collage. The sheets tagged as digital collage are bleeding over into the fine art category and this has been a problem for long before the "other cat" began selling on etsy. Everyone thinks collage sheet sellers are automatically stealing images off the net, and mistagging because they are not serious about their business.
    And many of them are.

    I gave stats in the thread about the fact that I am getting absolutely 0 traffic from on site searches and I am sure this is the reason. I would also like to know if it is affecting other categories which have to be typed into the search bar.

    The issue between the other seller and myself is personal and business related, and it is not something I'm going to discuss.
    Being accused of this is BS. If I wanted to "out" the other seller I would, I have nothing to lose from being muted on etsy or from being closed down at this point because there is no traffic. My sales and views have dropped off by over 85% since April when the relevant search rolled out and etsy changed the meta data for our shops. All I am getting is return customers. Yet I get the nasty comment that It's my own "bad business practices?" Bit of irony if you ask me.
    IMO the only way to discuss the problem with the relevant search is to give examples of how it fails miserably. If a seller mistags and gets caught in the cross fire it's not my problem.

    Just read the thread objectively, which apparently is impossible for some people to do, they have to throw conjecture even though they claim they know nothing about something.
    If I only knew one side of an issue I sure as heck would not stick my nose into it without hearing the other side.
    And I surely wouldn't take that drama on myself as a defender, without knowing what I was really defending.
    I don't take my personal issues to the forums, this is a site related issue and effects other sellers not just me.

    Mistagging and the useless search system!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  12. "The issue between the other seller and myself is personal and business related, and it is not something I’m going to discuss."

    So shut the hell up about it already!

    Both of you!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  13. Max, I totally agree. I have seen a HUGE difference in the speed at which resellers and the like are dealt with.

    Speaking of which, vjones1 was brickwalled...her shop was frought with fake designer bags and non-vintage.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  14. i agree with gern. focusing on individual sellers who fun-ck up the forums w/ their personal issue is just a bit young and the restless here it seems IMO

    this blog is doing a great service in speedily ridding the site of resellers. do what works!

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  15. Maybe your sales fell off, PaperStreet, because you are a passive/aggressive, pot-stirring trouble maker. Ever think of that? I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and I figured it out pretty fast and gave your shop a wide birth.


    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  16. Shut the fuck up, PD. You are the most aggressive, nasty person ever. You suck.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  17. "I would like to see this blog retain its focus on calling out the resellers, mistaggers, bad vintage, etc and not get bogged down with rehashing forum drama. Just my two cents."

    Yes, please.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  18. I also wanted to add, can we stop with the name-calling and the personal attacks against other people posting here? Ugh. This stuff started as soon as the linking to forum conflicts started. I find it embarrassing, and it brings down the level of discourse and the site reputation. Don't bring your hidden agendas and past etsy baggage here to this site.

    Please, no more posts about forum stuff. Let's get back to flagging shops and items that don't belong. This site has managed to achieve what no amount of flagging of illegal etsy shops and merchandise has been able to do, let's concentrate on that. Something we can all agree on. Well, maybe except for VonLady.......

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  19. hello; Ive been lingering this internet site for some time. Needed to quit sitting in the background:)

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  20. amen toonces. learning to tune out the dramatis personnae is a great skill best learned in etsy forums. they **ALL** crash & burn. Watched it going into 4 years now.

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

  21. Me thinks some people protest too much...

    Wacky & Tacky Etsy

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